Gora Hand Candles


Beautiful Hand Candle is essential for all firedancer ladies

Our beautiful hand candles are a must-have for all firedancers and lovers of partner acrobatics. Also called palm torches, they can be worn in both directions of your hand. When you wear the hand candles on the back of your hand, your palms are free to do grab another tool or do solo- or partner acrobatics. 

The thick leather circle protects the hands from the heat of the flames. The Kevlar head is attached to a flexible spring wire which ensures that it doesn’t break or bend when hit by a force. At the same time, it is not too bouncy, so that the flames don’t move to unwanted places. This design supports durability and channels less heat towards your hands. 

 The hand candles are easy to put on and take off. They are attached to your hands using a leather band, you can quickly slip in and out.

 They are lightweight, only 65 g each. This enables you to flow in your dancing moves using even subtle movements, your hand candles will feel weightless! 


Prices are for a pair.


Usage recommendations: 

  • No fuel should get on the leather parts. 

  • Do not store your hand candles in a closed bag, as the fuel might evaporate and eventually soak the leather parts, creating a fire hazard! 

  • After use, wait until the torches cool down, then store in a bag with some ventilation. 

  • Be careful when you hold the candles upside down! 





  • Circle 

Fire Head Size

  • Medium


  • Band 


  • Black

Gora Hand Candles (Pair)

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