Gora Dragon Staff (Light) Carbon


The old school first model of Dragon Staff (super light version)

Works like a slow feicha- an ancient chinese martial art weapon


It can be handled like normal contact staffs, but the rolling makes it unique. The crosses at the ends spin very dinamically, making fire circles while the body movement is static, but the fire is spinning very dynamically.


This version is much lighter and better for throws or long practice. (1.1 Kg)  It has no sensitive part like the thread of the cross stick and have no wobble between the parts.


The middle tube is made of carbon fiber what makes the whole item super light and durable. The cross sticks are made of aluminum 7075. 


The cross on the ends are Dragon Staff Adapters.The connection of the sticks to the cuff is a quick link solution, which makes assembly and disassembly easy. It is made by threaded ball spring plungers.


For practice sessions you can apply the sticks per hand, but for fire spinning we recommend tightening them with a screwdriver to avoid losing them at high rotation speeds. 

If the surface of the sticks is damaged it may wedge into the cuff, connecting them permanently, so take care of them, do not damage the connective areas of the prop.


A MUST have for any staff enthusiast




Cross length (standard 42cm)

Length (standard 150cm)


  • Carbon 

Fire Head Size

  • Large 

Grip (3mm)

  • Black 
  • Yellow 
  • White 
  • Red 

Cuffs & Spikes

  • Yes 



Gora Dragon Staff (Light) Carbon

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