Fire Rope Dart


The Rope Dart is an ancient Chinese martial arts weapon. Originally, the head was a sharp blade or a heavy iron ball with spikes. 

Using some of the original martial arts techniques combined with your own style, you can create a unique show with this long chained monopoi.


The rope dart consists of a huge monkey fist head made from 13mm wide 100% pure Kevlar rope


The rope darts create a large amount of force, this one has a 2.5mm twisted chain, triple rings and a super strong swivel.  350mm of the twisted chain is followed by 10 mm thick cotton cord approx 2.75m – this is not fireproof, therefore you should avoid contact with the flames. You can wet the cord, if you want to be on the safe side.


The handle it is the loop,


The Rope Dart is a rare and original fire prop for real fire ninjas!


When transporting and storing the rope dart it is important to store the cotton rope and fire heads separately, i.e. take care that the cotton rope does not absorb any fuel!



Fire Rope Dart

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